Syrian boys caught in ‘vicious cycle’ of sex abuse, UN says | AFP

[Published here on December 7, 2017]

Beirut (AFP) – Syrian men and boys, in their war-torn country and abroad, have suffered “a vicious cycle” of sexual abuse with more devastating consequences than previously reported, the United Nations said Thursday.

In its new report, “We Keep it in our Heart,” the UN’s refugee agency said it had documented widespread sexual violence against Syrian males, including those seeking refuge.

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Limelight-hungry IS ups the ante with violence | AFP

[Published here December 11, 2015]

Beirut (AFP) – As the Islamic State jihadist group comes under growing military pressure, its prodigious propaganda output has slowed somewhat but turned increasingly gruesome in a bid to keep in the headlines.

Since it announced a self-styled caliphate across Iraq and Syria last year, IS has become notorious for broadcasting its macabre tactics.

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On Violence in Tripoli | Premier Christian Radio


Last week, I was able to join Marcus Jones and Dr. Harry Hagopian once more for a talk on their analysis show on Premier Christian Radio. On my second appearance on their show, we discussed the recent violence in Tripoli and how Lebanon’s political deadlock has impeded an effective response to the crisis.

Click on the image above to listen to my input. I start in at about 17:50, but I encourage you to listen to the whole program. Thanks!